Frequently Asked Questions

Our fees? Our fee for a 3 or 4 hr dance is very reasonable. We want to play your event and we will work with you in every way so you can afford us. But you have to call to get it started.

Area required? Our big band takes up no more room than a six piece rock band (see picture) and usually less. Our players sit by side with their music fronts (music stands) for that classic look. Our set up gives the room a spectacular, impressive look to greet your guests.

Electricity? We need just two outlets and bring our own lights and sound. We even bring the spinning mirror ball to beautifully enhance the ambiance of those slow dances.

Band size? Our smallest size is 12 members which includes male and female vocalists.

Travel? We travel throughout the US. We can play anywhere and bring everything needed. We are detail oriented and can fit themes, colors and more.

Special Songs? We have over 500 songs already scored for our band from Aretha Franklin to Frank Sinatra. If we don’t have a song you want for a first dance in our library of music currently, we can have one created.

Technical requirements of the band

Some things we need from you

* Outlets: 2 or 3 regular 110-volt outlets.

* Free soft drinks, deli-tray or meal for the band members.

* If outside our sound & band equipment needs to be covered from the rain or hail.

* Staging: We have numerous ways to set up our Big Band to fit smaller rooms and narrow stages. If the stage is small or shallow of depth, sometimes we put the saxophone section on the floor right up to the dance floor. Sometimes if the stage area is narrow but wide, we set up in a V shape or as we call it, the flying wedge. But, if you want to set up a nice size stage for us and space is not a problem, we can fit everyone on a 16′ deep by 20′ wide stage.

Set up

We usually need at least two hours to set up all our sound equipment, risers, lights etc. Finding the band members a separate room to put their coats, horn cases, and more away from your guests etc., is also a great idea. If you are using us in a festival we can set up quickly if you already have the sound equipment and an sound engineer or technical assistant in place.

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1 week ago

Andrew Thielen Big Band

Last Saturday, I had the great pleasure of playing with the always fantastic Andrew Thielen Big Band at the Renaissance Hotel in Montgomery, Alabama. We played for four hours with no break. Great and responsive audience and great tunes. ... See MoreSee Less

Today, our family enjoyed listening to The Andrew Thielen Big Band Christmas Concert that I recorded live (from your board feed) at the UNCW Kenan Auditorium on December 14, 1996. Jackie Beaumont was the vocalist. Hard to believe I've now played the CD for 22 Christmases since then! Love to you all. ... See MoreSee Less


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wow David....that's so nice of you to post this message. You made my day and it's Christmas! Wow...that's about when my band was just starting. I'd love to hear that sometime and if you ever get a chance to send it to me at that would be sensational. I needed some fun news like this today. God bless you David, thanks again and Merry Christmas. 😁

5 months ago

Andrew Thielen Big Band

This video now holds the record for most views in 8 days. 5746 people have viewed this lovely ballad we played in October. A pretty song sung and played wonderfully on a rainy day at the vineyard. Thanks to Donna L Barrow for recording this!

Gail Bliss Repeat Offenders
Gail singing "When I Fall in Love" with the Andrew Thielen Big Band at the La Belle Amie Vineyard on Saturday, Oct. 7th. #sweetbliss #blissfuljoy #allotherspale
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Gail Bliss Repeat Offenders


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